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Solar Street Lamp Controller Installation Notes
- Dec 23, 2016 -

1, the controller should be out of the box before installation check for factory certification, product manuals, warranty cards, drawings to check its specifications, Visual inspection for damage and so on.

2, solar LED lighting controllers and luminaires are installed in the outdoor. Due to the influence of external environmental conditions, resulting in the leakage current and short circuit, result in a temporary or permanent failure. So the controller must have an airtight, moisture-proof function, level of security should be meet IP65.

3, the controller cannot be placed directly on the battery, although measures such as the use of maintenance-free battery, but the battery will inevitably generate corrosive gases, would adversely affect the electronic components of the controller, fault hazard.

4, solar panels, control protection device of main circuits and the Earth (crust) between the insulation resistance value shall not be less than 1 megohm, should be able to withstand AC1000V/min power frequency voltage withstand, without flashover, breakdown phenomenon.

5, connecting wires of the controller and solar panels and batteries, should fully take into account the factors of low voltage and high current. Wire cut-area to meet current requirements, terminals must be securely, and should have a locking device.

6, controlled wiring order: order the wiring of controller manufacturers may be different, please in strict accordance with controller manual wiring.