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Solar Light System
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Solar lights solar panel, part of the LED lamps, the control box (control box with charger, controller, battery) and the light pole a few parts. Solar Panel efficiency reaches 127Wp/m2, high efficiency, wind-resistant design of the system very good lamp head with 1W white LED and integrated 1W yellow LED on the printed circuit board arranged for a certain distance between lattice plane light source. Control box with stainless steel as the material, attractive and durable control box placed inside the maintenance-free lead-acid battery with slow pulse fast charge and discharge patented technology developed by solar Street lamp dedicated controller for charging. System selection of valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery due to its little maintenance, so it is also called "maintenance-free batteries", helps to reduce the maintenance costs charge controllers are designed taking into account functional (with light control, time control, overcharge protection, conservation and reverse connection protection) and cost control, achieving a very high price.

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