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Solar Light String Is The Best Quality Maintenance-free Lamps
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Solar Light String Features: No fire hazard. Life up to 30,000 hours. Reliable and durable, is the best quality maintenance-free lamps, high brightness, color is, the luminous flux is twice the ordinary light bulb, a good color expression. Energy saving, power consumption is 1/10 of ordinary light bulbs. Low heat generation.

Solar lights string Uses: wedding background layout, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, home, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke, fashion shows, dance halls, stage, etc.

Solar light string installation is simple, easy to use, Solar String Light no need to lay the cable, no external power supply, daytime automatic charging, night automatic lighting, is the city green. Villa. Garden. Plaza. Park. School. Lawn. Community. Of the first choice.

Solar string configuration:

1. High efficiency polysilicon solar cell power supply, 0.4W - 1W.

2. Built-in 1.2V 800-1200mAh NI-MH rechargeable battery pack

3. Standard light intensity, according to the sun 6H can work 6-10H

4. Simultaneous flashing + Always on + Off / 8-segment flash method (optional flash method) + off dark green wire

5.100Pcs diameter 5mm ultra-bright LED lamp beads, life of 50,000 hours

6. The total length of solar string 11.5M, Solar String Light the first light from the controller 1.5M, LED spacing of 10CM

7. Normal service life> 3 years working environment: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

8. Overall dimensions: 70 * 100 * 24mm / 105 * 155 * 28mm Insertion length: 190mm Total height 260mm

9. Installation: vertical plane to insert the plane

10. The controller can do ± 90 ° rotation, Solar String Light so that solar cells at the sun, improve solar energy conversion efficiency

11. Folding packaging

Solar string string Features:

Smart light control:

1. When the solar panel senses a certain amount of light, Solar String Light the solar string turns off automatically;

2. When the light is sensed to a certain extent, the solar light string is automatically lit. In the case of

Technical Parameters

1. Ni-MH battery NI-MH 1.2V / 800-1200mAH, according to the different needs of a reasonable allocation of different capacity of the rechargeable battery group. In the case of

2. Light source 0.06W, LED 10--200PCS. LED color is blue and green red, Solar String Light yellow and white warm white, 3 colors, 4 colors and so on. Solar String Light Sub-road 2-way 3-way solar light string. In the case of

3. Charging time: 6-8 hours sunshine

4. Lighting time: 8-10 hours

5. Net weight: 0.5kg

6. Applicable temperature: -20 ℃ - 60 ℃

7.50 lamp length 6.2M, LED spacing 10cm. In the case of


1. Solar light string to be installed in open air or sunny places, such as installed in the shade or housing shelter, the charging effect will have a certain impact, thus affecting the evening light time. In the case of

2. Solar light string during the day and do not remember to use objects to block the solar panels.

3. Switch (ON / OFF) for the power switch, Solar String Light press the bit power to open, press the power down.

4. The button (MODE / FLASH) is the flashing mode selection switch, which is optional. + Full flash or multi-channel 8 function flash method. In the case of

5. The use of solar charging, the solar string controller into a sunny place, regardless of whether the switch is open, can be effectively charged.

Solar Christmas solar light string series, has the following advantages:

Environmental protection and energy saving: the use of high photoelectric conversion efficiency of large area solar panel power supply, can get enough solar energy during the day to ensure that LED solar lights string at night there is enough work and brightness. Solar string is the use of a steady stream of green clean energy - solar energy, environmental pollution.

Intelligent control: the series of solar light string products only once started, Solar String Light after dark work automatically, dawn automatically stop working into the charging state. Do not use the machine for a long time.

Versatile: a variety of flash method, Solar String Light a variety of colors to meet the needs of customers.

Quality assurance: products The series of solar lights and the controller are part of the use of sealed waterproof technology, Solar String Light even if the rain outside the work will not have any problems. Product raw materials to the factory have to undergo a rigorous quality control. Solar String Light Product controller using intelligent anti-charge circuit, to ensure that the internal rechargeable battery lasting work.

Lower price: as the original solar string string of solar panels, for my company to produce their own, both to ensure product quality, but also make the product more competitive prices.

Solar light string super bright, colorful: the use of high life, bright, bright LED, to ensure that the solar string in the rated operating voltage under the high brightness, high light penetration.

Easy to install: control box with a plug, you can insert in the garden, there are fixed holes, can be fixed on other objects. Solar light string can be hung on the wall, shop on the ground, hanging on the shelf ... ... where the bright place, where to flash where!

Your night will no longer be alone, the solar string will be like countless stars as flash in your dream!