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Solar Lamps Have Been Widely Recognized By Society
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Solar lamps are converted from solar panels to electricity. During the day, even on cloudy days, this solar power generator (solar panels) collects and stores the energy needed. Thus, Solar Light the sun generates energy, which is used to produce electricity. As a kind of "inexhaustible", the new energy is paid more and more attention by solar energy.

Solar lamp, can be widely used in grasslands, squares, parks and other occasions embellishment decoration, belongs to the technical field of lighting. The main use of the lampshade connected to the bottom, the battery plate placed on the battery box inside the lampshade, Solar Light the battery box installed on the bottom, light-emitting diode installed on the battery board, solar panels using wire connection rechargeable battery and control circuit.

The utility model is integrated, simple, compact and reasonable; no external power cord, easy to install, pleasing in appearance; because of the use of light-emitting diode placed in the bottom of the lamp, the light after the entire body is illuminated, the light sense effect is better; Solar Light all electrical components are built in, and have good practicability. including serpentine lights, plate-type lights, solar neon lights, massage lamps and many other. What are the performance characteristics of solar lamps? In practice, of course, solar outdoor lighting is a little more complicated. In addition to high-capacity batteries and solar panels, Solar Light the system also includes advanced dedicated monitors, and when the lighting is stopped, solar-powered batteries start charging and then recharge, and get more power. The key is solar outdoor lighting, solar photovoltaic house installed solar panels, Solar Light have a dedicated microprocessor control system and batteries.

The solar lamp is connected to a specially designed load lamp with a super reflectivity and high energy ballast. It has the advantages of high brightness, simple installation, reliable work, no cable laying, no consumption of conventional energy and long service life. The use of high brightness led light-emitting diode design, no need for manual operation, dark lights light up automatically, Dawn automatically extinguished. What are the characteristics of solar energy lamps? The product fashionable sense is strong, the texture is bright, fine, Solar Light has the modern sense, mainly applies to the District green Belt, the industrial park Green Belt, the scenic spot, the park, the courtyard, the square green space and so on the lighting decoration.

Solar panels are the central part of the solar lamp, and the most valuable part of solar lamps. Its role is to convert solar radiation into electricity, or to store it in storage. Solar Light In most of the solar cells are more common and more practical than monocrystalline cells, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar cells, such as three kinds.

In the solar energy lamp, Solar Light a good performance charge and discharge controller is essential. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, it is necessary to restrict the charge and discharge condition of the battery to prevent overcharge or deep charging. In the large temperature difference place, the qualified controller should also have the temperature compensation function.

In recent years, the solar energy of this clean and environmentally friendly energy is familiar to the public, the solar lamp has also entered the people's view. Solar energy lamp without cable, not consumption of conventional energy and long service life has been widely recognized by the community, many regions, Solar Light including some rural areas, cities and western areas of the road to promote the use of solar energy lamps, and received a certain amount of praise.

Solar light is the use of abundant solar energy resources to solve the urban and rural areas and remote area of the construction of lighting problems. This not only alleviates the tension of power energy, relieves social contradictions, but also effectively reduces the pollution caused by petroleum energy and has good social and economic benefits.

Solar lamps Use the Guangseng volt effect principle of solar cells, Solar Light during the daytime solar cells to absorb the energy generated by solar photons through the controller to the storage battery charging, when night falls, the battery provides power to the DC light load. DC Controller in any case, Solar Light including sunny or long-term rainy weather, can ensure that the battery is not due to overcharge or over the damage, at the same time, with light control, voice, temperature compensation, and lightning protection, reverse polarity and other functions.

Solar energy lamp is the most ideal lighting, with the improvement of people's living standards and the development of social science research, the solar lamp will be widely used in various regions, so that the sun to give the Earth's light can also be used by people.