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Solar Lamp System Structure
- May 13, 2018 -

Solar lights are electric lights that are converted into electricity by solar panels. During the day, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) can collect and store solar energy. As a safety and environmental protection new electric light, solar lights have received increasing attention.

The solar energy lamp consists of a solar cell module, some LED lamps, a control box (whose control box has a charger, a controller, and a battery) and a lamp post. Solar panel light efficiency reaches 127Wp/m2, high efficiency, very beneficial to the system's wind resistance design; lamp head part is 1W white LED and 1W yellow LED integrated on the printed circuit board arranged at a certain pitch lattice as a flat light source. The control box body is made of stainless steel and is beautiful and durable. A maintenance-free lead-acid battery is placed in the control box and a solar lamp special charging controller has been successfully developed using the slow pulse rapid charge and discharge patented technology. The system uses valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, which are also called maintenance-free batteriesdue to their low maintenance. This helps to reduce system maintenance costs; the charge-discharge controller takes into account the full functionality of the design (with light control, Time control, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and reverse connection protection, etc.) and cost control, achieving a very high cost performance.