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Solar Lamp Installation Skills
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Solar energy is a new type of energy products, its energy saving, environmental protection. And do not need to pull the wire, buried cable, installed generator. Is the natural wind and the sun can produce electricity, this new product will be the majority of the people of all ages, Shaanxi Taiyi production of solar light system is good, the performance is relatively stable, then the solar energy should be how to maintain and maintain it?

The first time to keep clean every day to extend the life of solar panels can be part of the life of solar panels due to the decline in conversion rate can also be appropriate to reduce the solar panel wattage, Solar Light but also greatly saves the investment costs of the battery.

Every day to regularly check the solar lights on the solar panels are dust and leaves and other shelters, in the event of such a situation, to be resolved in time, because it can be done to ensure that every time to absorb a sufficient light source, you can keep the photoelectric Conversion rate does not decline.

Solar lights lamps internal accessories plug to plug tight, plug firmly to avoid loose and loose contact caused by failure. Solar lights and light pole, light pole and cantilever reliable fixed. Solar Light Lifting operations should strictly follow the operating procedures. In particular, pay attention to the lifting equipment around the power lines and other lines, as well as the surrounding structures, lifting the lifting point to be reasonable, Solar Light after positioning to adjust.

Also note that:

1, usually clean with a clean feather duster gently brush off the dust can be, be very careful.

2, if it is non-metallic sun light can be wiped with a damp cloth, be careful not to rub the power cord.

3, Solar Light if it is metal lighting with a dry cloth can be wiped, do not touch the water.

Note the beauty of the poles after the installation of solar lights. Starting from the basic construction, the light bit to the main line to control the straight line, and reasonable according to the road design linear changes, poles straight, processing welds and repair mouth to avoid the main line direction, Solar Light and the whole line to maintain consistency.

The installation site should be selected from four areas: drainage is open, if there are 10 meters of river and water puddles within the radius of the puddle and the river must be 2 meters below the ground; 4 weeks without obstruction (according to the height of the installation of lighting to determine ) And the risk of high voltage lines and other items; no installation of the underground cable, cable, sewer and other public facilities.

Construction can be based on the construction site, responsible for the choice of questioning irrational and stop construction, and the first time to report to the relevant person in charge of the installation location.

Construction is ready to do the basis of solar energy tools and construction workers before the construction experience of the choice; in strict accordance with the solar energy project plan cement appropriate choice, the soil pH value must be high places where the use of special acid and alkali cement; Soil and other impurities shall not affect the strength of concrete; in strict accordance with the Foundation plan solar lamp size (determined by the construction workers to determine the size) along the excavation of the pit path; excavation pit completed 1 ~ 2 days to see if there is groundwater Seepage out.

If the groundwater leaks, Solar Light the construction should be stopped immediately; the foundation placed on the battery compartment must be added to the bottom of the drain hole 5 × Ф80 or based on the drawing. Basically, the upper surface of the cage must be secured (level of measurement, inspection level), and the cage must be perpendicular to the base surface of the anchor bolts. Solar energy base experience, qualified after the installation of solar lamp manufacturers before the income.