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Solar Insecticidal Lamps Guarantee The Quality Of Agricultural Products
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Solar insecticidal lamp is the use of solar panels power generation, the use of moths and other insects phototaxis for effective insecticide. A lamp effective insecticide range of 30 to 50 acres, can effectively reduce or even eliminate the use of pesticides, so that there is no pesticide residues in agricultural products to protect the quality of agricultural products and people's health, which truly become green pollution-free agricultural products "

Township orchards, farmland also installed a solar insecticidal lamp, Solar Pest Killer effectively to control pests and diseases, reduce the purpose of pesticide pollution, to achieve the desired purpose of green prevention and control.

Solar insecticidal lamp

Used in orchards, plantations, parks, lawns and other places. General use of a specific spectrum of fluorescent lamps, more advanced use of LED violet light, through its specific line of radiation to kill pests.

After the use of solar energy insecticide lamp in Qinglong County, has achieved good control effect, can effectively kill 90% of the forest fruit pests, for the growth of trees to improve the good environment, Solar Pest Killer but also to protect the quality of the fruit, can be described as one stroke Get it.

June 14, the reporter came to Donggang City, cross street town of Longshan Village Donggang demonstration farm organic rice fields. Looking around, the green oil field in a light of solar energy insecticidal lamp and a white tractor neatly arranged in order to become a new landscape. "You can not underestimate these jars, Solar Pest Killer which is specifically for the rice pests under the 'Tianluo network'." Technology Promotion Center Director Liu Jun side of the removal of solar energy insects under the white small jar side told reporters that there really have a lot of death Out of insects. In the paddy field side of the trap trap, the reporter saw there are many insects inside.

Reporters learned that the solar insecticide lamp is working at night, the use of the principle of flying insects hi light, high-voltage steel wire around the pulse voltage of up to 3000 volts, trapping insects success rate of 98% or more. In contrast to the tractor work, sooner or later, Solar Pest Killer which is equipped with sexual attractant. The sexual attractant is a sex hormone that synthesizes insects and attracts insects into the trap by releasing the odor. "The traps in the rice field are traversing the male moth by dispersing the smell of rice stem borer and rice stem borer in the air. This method has many advantages - the goal is clear and does not harm beneficial insects and birds, Non-polluting, non-toxic to humans and animals. In general, a solar insecticide light can be about 3 hectares of rice fields, traps 0.06 hectares to accommodate a set of enough. "Dandong City Plant Protection Station Yang Biao said.

Whenever the night comes, the rice field in a light of solar insecticidal lights will automatically light up. "Solar energy insects do not need an external power supply, the use of solar power to supply their own use of insecticidal lamps, they are like the patron saint, Solar Pest Killer for our organic rice to provide protection." Demonstration farm deputy director Xu Jianguo said. In order to better educate farmers about the quality and safety of agricultural products and enhance their understanding of organic rice, Donggang City decided to set up 67 hectares of organic rice demonstration field in Donggang Demonstration Farm this year to set a benchmark for building Donggang rice brand. "We installed solar insecticidal lights last year with the support of the agricultural sector, and the effect was very good, and we installed 93 solar insecticidal lights in the organic demonstration field this year and also on 2,000 traps."