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Solar Insecticidal Lamps Are Widely Used In Agriculture
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Solar energy insecticide lamp is the use of solar panels as a source of electricity, which will be stored during the day of solar energy, the evening discharge to the insecticidal lamps for its work. Solar insecticide lamp is the use of 365 ± 50nm wavelength UV light on the insects have a strong phototaxis, wave, tide, the characteristics of the principle of the trend to determine the induction of insects, Solar Pest Killer the development of special light source, the use of discharge generated Low-temperature plasma, ultraviolet radiation on the pests of the phototaxis effect, to lure the insects to the light source, the light source outside the configuration of high-pressure kill net, kill the pests, so that the pests fall into the dedicated bag, The purpose of pests.

Solar energy insecticidal lamp is widely used in agriculture, vineyards, citrus orchards, Yangmei Garden, lychee garden, apple orchards, mango orchards and other various orchards, vegetable bases, tea, organic rice, sugar cane, tobacco, peanuts, Forest, urban greening, parks and other places need to pest control, Solar Pest Killer is the nemesis of pests. Pole-type solar insecticidal lamp for the majority of crop cultivation base production of pollution-free high-quality agricultural products and access to organic certification and development of tourism and ecological agriculture to provide a reliable scientific and technological protection, is a high-tech pollution-free physical pest control equipment.

Solar energy insecticide lamp using solar energy supply, Solar Pest Killer is a new type of agricultural pest control equipment, with ecological and environmental protection, stable performance, long life, high pest efficiency, species and other advantages, is the first choice of pollution-free agricultural production equipment equipment.

Solar insecticide lamp not only for agricultural production has a great role in promoting, but it also solves some of the current social contradictions and problems, Solar Pest Killer let us look at the following application of solar energy to solve the problem?

1. Pesticide residues and environmental pollution problems: pesticides for human and environmental hazards is very serious, and its impact time is very long, in the past due to the abuse of pesticides, resulting in environmental pollution problems and pesticide residues are very serious, resulting in These harmful agricultural products into the family, continue to endanger the health of consumers, and with the development of society, people have fully recognized the seriousness of pesticide residues and environmental pollution problems, Solar Pest Killer so the use of solar insecticidal lamps to replace pesticides, Effectively less pesticide use rate, fundamentally solve the problem of pesticide residues and environmental pollution.

2. Energy tensions; energy problems in the development and development of society has become increasingly prominent in the process of energy is also a hot issue in the current society, Solar Pest Killer energy constraints seriously constrained the further development of mankind, so the use of renewable energy has become an important goal of the current development The The use of solar insecticidal lamps does not require alternating current, but directly through the solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity, to solve energy problems, the effectiveness of outstanding.

3. The problem of increasing agricultural costs; At present, with the rise of pesticides and manpower costs, agricultural costs are rising continuously, which also brings a great burden to farmers' production, and the development of large-scale agriculture is inseparable from these farmers Resources and manpower, and therefore the urgent need to take new means to achieve the goal of cost-effective. Solar insecticidal lamp control a wide range of high degree of automation, maintenance is very convenient, prevention and control effect is also very good, so no longer need a large area of pesticide spraying, on the one hand effectively reduce the use of pesticides, Solar Pest Killer saving pesticides Cost, on the other hand the management of the staff needed less, saving manpower expenditure, and produce the quality of agricultural products more, very consistent with the goal of efficiency, so the application of solar energy insecticidal lamp can effectively solve the increase in agricultural costs The problem.

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Solar insecticide lamp is currently the most widely used in the development of modern insecticide lamp type, the main point is that you can use solar power, to avoid the long cable and electricity problems, which cost savings or have a good effect. Thorpe Yunnong production of solar insecticidal lamps can also be a specific weather, a specific time automatic switch machine, will not cause damage to the equipment due to weather. Of course, solar insecticidal lamps are more and more accepted by the user is not just because of these functional advantages, on the other hand because it is insecticide can be done without pesticide residues, then the maximum number of solar insecticidal lamps What is the insecticide way?

Insecticide is the most common insecticide way, Solar Pest Killer the instrument is the use of pests to attract pests, and then the light source around the power grid, as long as the pests hit the grid will be electrocuted and died. The advantage of this method is that the success rate of insecticide is high and can effectively kill almost all pests.

But it does not act directly on the crop, but uses the container to install the pesticide, and then use the light source to attract the pests, so that with the smoked to kill the pests. Solar Pest Killer The advantage of the solar insecticidal lamp is energy saving, simple equipment, but compared to the grid insecticide, the device needs frequent replacement of pharmaceuticals.

At present two different insecticide methods of solar insecticidal lamps are used quite a lot, but the drug smoked insecticidal light is often applied to a small area, Solar Pest Killer because the demand is also small but also easy to control, the dose can be controlled. The grid insecticide is mainly used in large area planting base more, have their own advantages.