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Solar Insecticidal Lamp To Improve The Quality Of Agricultural Products
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Solar energy insecticide lamp is the use of solar panels as a source of electricity, which will be stored during the day of solar energy, the evening discharge to the insecticidal lamps for its work. Insecticidal lamp is the use of 365 ± 50nm wavelength of ultraviolet light on the insects have a strong ability to light, wave, color, the characteristics of the principle of convergence.

Solar insecticidal lamp features

1, easy to use, high security

Automatic light control, rain control, time control, no user operation, if necessary, Solar Pest Killer just clean up the high-voltage online worms.

2, trapping adults, the effect is significant

As the insecticide lamp will be directly trapping insects in the adult period, rather than pesticide as the main kill larvae, which greatly improve the control effect, Solar Pest Killer to avoid the occurrence of pest resistance. Control the breeding of pests.

3, control area, low input costs

Each insecticidal lamp effective control area of up to 30-60 acres, an investment can be used continuously for 5-6 years, the annual savings of labor, labor costs about 1,500 yuan.

4, the protection of natural enemies, maintaining ecological balance

The authoritative experts have shown that insecticidal light on the pests natural enemies of the small damage, trapping pests specificity, Solar Pest Killer while avoiding the spraying of pesticides on pests natural enemies manslaughter.

5, reduce the amount of pesticides, improve the quality of agricultural products

Reduce pesticide residues, reduce environmental pollution, to prevent human and animal poisoning incidents occur frequently, and kill the pests before the harm to crops, is pollution-free, green, Solar Pest Killer organic food essential products.

6, optimize the ecological environment, social and economic benefits significantly

If in the orchard or farmside pond hanging on the frequency of insecticidal lamp, it formed a benign ecological chain: insecticidal light to kill pests - pests feed fish - fish pull manure fertilizer - fertilizer pouring fruit, Vegetables, both to reduce the cost of planting and breeding, Solar Pest Killer but also optimize the ecological environment. Pests are not pesticides and chemical elements of the pollution, is poultry, fish, frogs of high quality natural feed for ecological farming, turning waste into treasure, economic benefits, ecological benefits, social benefits significantly.

Precautions for use of solar insecticidal lamps

1, without the technical training of agricultural personnel can not operate the use of solar insecticidal lights.

2, the installation, Solar Pest Killer according to the requirements of the installation of solar energy insecticidal lamp instructions, adjust the opening and closing time.

3, solar insecticidal lamp at work, is strictly prohibited maintenance and withered.

4, connected to the battery power, do not touch the high voltage power cord.

5, if a failure, be sure to cut off the battery power after the inspection and maintenance.

6, every day to clean up a worm bag and high voltage grid wire dirt and sticky pests. Clean up the power must be turned off, with the brush along the wire from the top to the bottom of the brush; such as dirt and sticky pests too much too thick, the chandelier device can be removed and then clean up. Solar Pest Killer If you do not clean up on time, dirt and sticky pests, will make high-voltage electrical wire short circuit, lamp damage and other accidents.

7, in the thunderstorms do not turn on the lights to prevent accidents.

8, must not be another pull the wire, as a home lighting to prevent accidents.

9, if you do not use solar insecticidal lamp, Solar Pest Killer you can remove it clean and clean, into the box safe custody for the next year and then use.