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Solar Insecticidal Lamp To Achieve The Purpose Of Pest Control
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Solar insecticidal lamp is the use of solar panels as a source of electricity, which will be stored during the day of solar energy, the evening discharge to the insecticidal lamps for its work. Insecticidal lamp is the use of 365 ± 50nm wavelength of ultraviolet light on the insects have a strong phototaxis, wave, tide, Solar Pest Killer the characteristics of the principle of the trend to determine the induction of insects, the development of special light source, the use of low temperature generated by the discharge Plasma, ultraviolet radiation on the pests of the phototaxis effect, to lure the insects to the light source, the light source outside the configuration of high-pressure kill net, Solar Pest Killer kill the pests, so that the pests fall into the dedicated worm bag, to kill the pests the goal of.

Solar energy radiation insecticidal lamp, solar multi-purpose insecticidal lamp, pole-type solar insecticidal lamps are solar insecticidal lights, SGS series of solar insecticidal lamps from the Shanghai Sheng Valley R & D and production, energy saving and environmental protection, reduce pesticide residues, Solar Pest Killer improve products Quality, reduce the contribution to the environmental pollution is prominent, single lamp solar insecticidal lamp is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, warehousing, tea, tobacco, gardens, greenhouses, vineyards, Solar Pest Killer aquaculture and other fields.

Solar Pest Killer Applicable pests

1, underground pests: Scarabs, tigers and so on.

2, wheat pests: armyworm, moth and so on.

3, rice pests: rice Chilo suppressalis, rice stem borer, rice borer, rice leaf roller, leafhopper, rice planthopper and so on.

4, cotton pests: cotton bollworm, tobacco insects, red insects, blind bugs like, cotton bridge insects, yellow thrips, cotton large gray elephant, cotton aphid and so on.

5, miscellaneous grains pests: corn borer, sorghum borer, soybean borer, bean moth, millet drill borer, apple orange moth and so on.

6, vegetable pests: Plutella xylostella, rice borer, beet armyworm, white planthopper, Spodoptera litura, yellow stripes, potato tuber moth, plus borer and so on.

7, storage pests: medicine A, Otani Pirates, small Valley Pirates, beans, black insects, wheat moth, rice moth, ladybug and so on.

8, fruit trees pests: eat heart insects, fruit sucking night moth, sudden green spot bug, peach borer, foot moth and so on.

9, forest pests: Dendrolimus, American white moth, poplar white moth, willow moth, pine celestialon, light shoulder star celestial, spring geometrid, Daqing leafhopper, leaf moth, birch geometrid, light moth, Dendrolimus,

10, grassland pests: Asian car locust, grass borer, leaf and so on.

11, tea pests: false eye green leafhopper, tea caterpillar, tea feet moth and so on