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Solar Door Lights Efficient Energy
- May 15, 2017 -

Solar door lights performance advantages:

Reference price: 132 yuan / month (large bargain)

Input power 0.3W, output 1.2V, 0.2W.

Intelligent light control, automatic storage of electricity during the day and night to automatically lit the door lighting and display.

First, the solar door lights Specifications:

Size: 210 × 200 × 52mm

Second, the parameters:

1. Solar panels: solar panels 0.3W

2. 0.2W super bright LED

3. Battery 1.2V / 600MAh

Third, the solar door lights How it works: & nbsp; & nbsp;

Use solar panels to charge the battery, the sun is sufficient, the solar panels in the sun, the current voltage, through the control panel, to the battery charge. When used, the battery pack is output via the control board to the LED load.

Fourth, the solar door lights function introduced:

1. Use 0.2W super bright LED, energy efficient, long life, low power consumption, economical and practical.

3. Rugged, lightweight fashion, economical and practical, Hi-Tech environmental protection, energy saving.

4. Intelligent light control, automatic storage of electricity during the day, at night automatically lit the door lighting and display.

5, solar door lights Scope:

Solar Doorplate Light Building floor lighting and display.

Six, solar door lights Note: </ p>

1. Do not immerse in corrosive liquids, which can damage the product.

2. Do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects.

3. Please place the solar panel upside down at the sun to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.

4. Non-professional personnel, can not open the shell, so as to avoid danger.

We all know that solar energy is a renewable resource, is a very environmentally friendly energy. With the advancement of technology, people can already use this kind of resources in all aspects of life. Solar street lights, is a use of solar energy resources. It passes through the light board, absorbs the sun, stores it into the battery. Wait until the evening, and Solar Doorplate Light then released for the lighting to provide energy. It does not require cables and other equipment, all the accessories are integrated, can only be controlled. Can be said to a large extent to save the material, but also save the labor force.

At the same time solar lamp lamp lamp life is very long, it uses the LED lights, life is basically 60 times the incandescent lamp. But also very power-saving, in the same brightness, power consumption is only one-tenth of ordinary lighting. So the Solar Doorplate Light choice of such lighting, to a large extent can effectively save costs. Solar energy is a cycle of energy, can be said to be inexhaustible inexhaustible.