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Research Direction Of Solar Lights
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Solar power is not too expensive. If countries act decisively, launched the policy encourages the development of green energy industries, along with advances in technology, the cost of solar power, will be further reduced. "His remarks has aroused the curiosity of journalists, reporters interviewed many experts, asking them to discuss: how to make solar power as much as possible for the benefit of human beings and the environment.

Industrial applications eliminate development costs, electrical engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher said Ma Shenghong, a new technology, at the different stages of development and have different application requirements. Compared with other renewable power generation, photovoltaic power generation in remote areas of settlement scattered villages and farmers and herdsmen have outstanding technical and economic advantages of power, in the settlement of China's 30 million off the grid of the power of the masses to play a major role. In some areas, photovoltaic power generation has been the rapid rise in aerospace power and communication stations unattended power supply military field, cathodic protection, power supplies, toys, clocks, lamps, Garden lamps, as well as the rise of the green building and many other fields, have shown "comparative advantage". Industrial applications can eliminate a lot of research on costs, thereby promoting technological research, to find more suitable materials and solutions to reduce costs.