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High Degree Of Automation Of Solar Insecticidal Lamp
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Solar Insecticidal lamp is the use of solar panels as a source of electricity, it will daytime solar power stored up, at night to the insecticide lamps, for their work. Insecticidal lamps are the use of 365±50nm wavelength ultraviolet light on the insects have a strong phototactic, Solar Pest Killer the characteristic principle of wave, color and chemotaxis, determine the inducing wavelength of insect, develop special light source, use the low temperature plasma produced by discharge, the phototactic excitation effect of ultraviolet radiation on the pests, and lure the pests to the light source, Outside the light source configuration high-pressure kill nets, kill pests, Solar Pest Killer so that pests fall into the special bag, to achieve the purpose of killing the worms.

Solar insecticidal lamp in energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce pesticide residues, improve product quality, reduce pollution to the environment outstanding contribution, Solar Pest Killer single tube solar insecticidal lamp is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, storage, tea, tobacco, gardens, greenhouses, vineyards, aquaculture and other fields.

The Sun-energy insecticidal lamp is a kind of physical control method using pest Phototaxis. By using the characteristics of strong phototactic, wave-making, trend-color and chemotaxis information, Solar Pest Killer the wavelength of light, band, wave frequency set in a specific range, near the light, long distance with waves, to lure the insects themselves produced sexual information to lure the adult lamp, Solar Pest Killer the lamp is equipped with frequency vibration type High-voltage grid tagged, so that pests fall into the light of the insect bag, To achieve the purpose of killing pests.

Solar insecticidal lamps are widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, storage, tea, tobacco, gardens, greenhouses, vineyards, aquaculture and so on.

Technical parameters of solar Insecticidal lamp:

1, Power: Solar battery: dc12v/24ah, solar panel power: ≥40WP

2, Lure set light source: 15W lamps Tube, main wavelength 365nm

3. Insect-Killing lamp color: yellow; catch bag color: red

4, Power: ≤35w

5, Design life: ≥ 5 years

6, Insulation Resistance: ≥2.5mω

7, Ballast instant start

8, Impact Area: ≥ 0.15 ㎡

9. Power grid Voltage: 2300v±115v

Solar insecticidal lamp Using solar power, is a new type of agricultural pest control equipment, with ecological and environmental protection, stable performance, long life, Solar Pest Killer trapping pests high efficiency, many kinds of advantages, is currently the first choice of pollution-free agricultural production equipment. In fact, the solar insecticidal lamp not only has a great promoting effect on agricultural production, but also solves some contradictions and problems in the present society.

Solar Insecticidal lamp can be controlled wide, high degree of automation, in the maintenance of very convenient, prevention and control effect is very good, so do not need to carry out a large area of pesticide spraying, on the one hand, effectively reduce the use of pesticides, save the cost of pesticides, Solar Pest Killer on the other hand to manage the need for less staff, save manpower expenditure, and the production of agricultural products more quality, very consistent with the goal of cost-effective, so the application of solar insecticidal lamp, can effectively solve the problem of increasing agricultural costs.