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Effects Of Smog Days On Solar Street Lights
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Fall and winter are the most prone to smog, especially the part of Hebei province in North China, Henan, Beijing, Tianjin and other places, good weather is fog and haze, the invisible Sun, this weather could make solar street lights normal power generation?

Solar street light effect? This is the need for customers to know and need to know manufacturer!

First we must know solar Board is by Sun power of, has good of Sun natural on has sufficient of electricity, and vice versa, so fog haze absolute is on solar power has effect of and also is is big of, but big to what situation does, currently also bad said, this fog haze sometimes big sometimes small, so currently hard judge, we recommends installation solar street of when put fog haze days is into rainy days to calculation, so such words is need increased battery Board and battery of capacity of, Specifically needs to increase the number of different size according to the lighting of lamps and power.