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The main advantages of solar street lights
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Solar lighting is the use of solar power, battery storage, controller, controls the charging and discharging of batteries to work. Controllers are divided into light control and time control in two ways. Day, dang Sun irradiation in solar surface Shi, solar produced of power through controller on battery for charging; night, light gradually weakened, solar of work voltage, and work current constantly reduced, dang work voltage is less than controller set voltage Shi, controller began started load, at solar Street points bright; Dang reached set of time or environment light had strong Shi, controller automatically close load, solar began charging. This continuous cycle.

Solar Street used efficient Crystal (more Crystal) silicon solar power, used VRLA battery store power, with efficient energy-saving lighting, and used advanced of charging and discharging and lighting control circuit, has performance reliable, and glow efficiency high, and height bright, and installation convenient, and not need laying cable wire, and not need Exchange power and electricity, and used DC power, and photosensitive control, and security reliable, and energy-saving, and economic, and environmental, and practical (according to configuration and model different, charging one days available 3-7 days), and Long life (solar 15-20 battery available 5-7) and so on, is the future direction of outdoor lighting.