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Solar street light fault inspection and maintenance methods
- Dec 23, 2016 -

1 the entire lamp is not lit. Solar lighting for outdoor lighting, there are always hot and rainy, cold, rain and snow weather, solar Street lamp controller is usually installed inside the light pole, likely to cause short circuit inlet to controller. First of all see if the terminals of the controller has water rust, if the controller is damaged, not measuring the battery voltage, 12V solar power supply system, the battery voltage is lower than the 10.8V battery is not storage, need replacing. Then check whether the folding panels under normal operating conditions voltages, current output. Not just the battery damage, replace the battery. Above are fine, you should check the source, only to power source to see if light not light replace light.

2, the lamp flashes. This the cause of the failure, line connection is bad, batteries lose power, serious decline in capacity, in the case of circuit no problem, replace the battery.

3, lighting time is short, rainy days of short duration. Usually battery power storage capacity, storage caused by foot. Replace the accumulator can be reasonable.

4, solar street light to full brightness. Many solar street lights using dot-matrix LED light source, with the exception of LED light source quality problems, some lights cold solder joint will result in this situation. Solution is to replace the bulb, solid welding, or replace the whole lamp head.

In addition, the installation place insufficient light, lamps and overall configuration is not reasonable, will cause solar Street lamp life of serious shortening. Should be reasonable for the installation environment, the rational allocation of solar street lighting system.