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How long will the solar street lights last?
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Solar street lamp installation costs and product cost will be relatively high, this is as everyone knows things, plus solar street lamps are high-tech products, so many people are worried about its service life will be shorter, many enterprises in the account of this, will give up the use of the road lamp, still take the traditional street.

In fact, the concern is unnecessary, because the battery plate of solar street lamp life of 25 years, than the traditional lamp service life will be more long-term, in addition, high-tech products have many advantages of its own, it does not need other power as the support, it only needs their own panels convert the heat energy into electricity can, to supply their own use. This will save a lot of expenses, in addition, its installation costs will be cheaper, and the latter basically does not need maintenance, so the overall accounting down, its cost is far lower than the cost of traditional street lamps.

In addition, it is worth noting that the application of solar energy resources are more and more people's attention, it will not only save a lot of cost of living, and belong to the new energy, will generate a lot of waste, will not cause harm to the environment, and belongs to the long-term use of energy, in general, is one of the best solar energy in modern society. The future society will maximize the use by people, and bring more convenience to people's life.