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Factors influencing solar Street lamp life
- Dec 23, 2016 -

1, if the controller is exposed to moisture or water, will affect the effectiveness of controllers, the street lost lighting effects, if batteries are in place, if maintenance is not prompt then the battery has been in a State of loss, which used again and the battery life will have a great negative impact

2, if the solar modules are partially covered or damaged solar module efficiency will be greatly affected if only 10% of the solar panel is covered, then the solar module efficiency will fall 50%, system operating current up to rated current, batteries are often in a State of lack of electricity, which impact on the battery life is great.

3, lighting: a different light source life different, you can choose light sources have a low pressure sodium lamps, low pressure lamp, LED lamp, low pressure fluorescent lamps and so on. Now used sodium lamps and LED lamps are more. Sodium the price is cheap. Life is short. LED lights are now good quality in 50,000 hours, 10 hours a day, in theory, can be used for more than 10 years. So first of all choose a good light source.

4, light Starter: different start in different ways, requiring different ballast or power supply lamp. This section is a powerful light source. Especially the LED light source. Now uses constant-current driver. Constant-current source and set the parameter range is suitable for light sources is very important. Watch: current accuracy, efficiency, protection circuit, the output parameter setting range.

5, solar controller: controller is so not only in solar street lighting system control, monitoring, protection of PV modules, batteries, load status. Effective control the working state of batteries at the same time, also indirectly protect the load (solar street light), to provide an effective and stable working environment, especially when batteries are weak or undervoltage work work in critical state. A high precision, stable performance of the controller will play a key role. Sometimes solar street lights will work under the glitter glitter. This controller is one reason. But not the only reason.

6, battery: the battery performance relatively stable. And construction to close to prevent accidental factors such as water. Otherwise it will indirectly affect lamp life.